SUN OCT 15, 2017 @ NOCTURNE >> R-Evolution Media Studio, Stompdown Killaz , Where It's At Entertainment & CDN Clothing Connections Presents:  [details below]

R-Evolution Media StudioStompdown Killaz , Where It's At Entertainment & CDN Clothing Connections Presents:

----> Prada West <----
Clouded Thoughts Canadian Tour

Sunday Oct. 15th - Live in Toronto
at Nocturne (550 Queen St W.)

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Hosted by: Chris Norton
special guest: Pillz (celebrating his brithday)
music by: Primordial

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opening performances by:
- NedLoh - 
- X-Plycit -
- Mackie -
- Karizma -
- Reeder & Rick-E -

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tickets: $10 adv. $15 at the door

TICKETS ONLINE: https:// 19218/

doors open 8pm
show starts 9pm

19+ i.d. required

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Sponsored by: 
Underground Empyre Entertainment
Ephin Apparel
Marked Up

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for info on the tour go to:

Prada West videos:

Number 1 Huslter - aFfA1UNUFew
You Can Find Me - 8Fg7SYQxhHY
Stay Faded - VbEaH0x2l6E
Beautiful Soul - U797sVrpAeA

Prada West was born with music in his soul. Since the tender age of five music has held a special place in his heart; and having a professional drummer for a father only helped contribute to the success of who Prada West is today. It was with his natural ear for music that Prada taught himself to play a wide range of instruments throughout his childhood. Although this passion stayed in his heart, failure to find his niche caused Prada's interests to waiver.

As a teenager Prada started exploring the different dynamics of the culture surrounding rap and hip hop. Exploration that was influenced in part to the Spanish and Latin Hip Hop, and West Coast Rap that he and his friends were listening to at the time. Inspired by this genre of music Prada started writing his own poems, later on transforming them into rhymes. It was then that Prada started emcee'ing and free styling occasionally at parties; but due to the lack of opportunities for growth Prada failed to take things seriously. During this time Prada went through a rough patch and was incarcerated on and off. It was during this time that Prada started writing more frequently as an outlet for dealing with his experiences.

At 22 his older sister gifted Prada with a poem entitled “Peaceful Warrior.” This poem contained her personal reflections surrounding Prada's perseverance through adversity and her views regarding his talent for writing and performing. For the first time Prada was able to see himself through the eyes of someone else, allowing him the chance to see not only his untapped talent but his potential as well. Prada was then inspired to take writing at a more serious level and in turn established his distinct style of lyricism. In 2010 to early 2011 at the age of 24, Prada started working with a rapper named Konfidential and started recording; his first performance was at age 24. In April 2011, Prada put together a collaboration with Merkules and Konfidential entitled “No Matter Where I go,” and shortly after released the music video for it. Noticed by the founder of Ephin Apparel and of S.D.K. (StompDown Killaz a local crew of rappers based out of Surrey, B.C.), they opted to release Prada's video on their website, and Prada's video received an overwhelming 100,000 views. In 2012 Prada became a full blown member joining S.D.K.'s other artists Caspian, Snak the Ripper, Evil Ebenezer, and Merkules.

What truly makes Prada West original is that he doesn't feed into materialism and refuses to sugarcoat anything, unlike that of his competitors. Prada was once asked “If someone had never heard your lyrics or watched you perform what would you want them to walk away with?” His response was “If nothing else I want to be able to give them something to hold onto, something that will inspire them or something they can relate to.” “I want to give them insight on a situation that they're going through, and I want them to see me perform again, but mostly I just want to earn their respect about what I have to say.” There is speculation from critics to why Prada West draws the attention of so many youth. Prada attributes this to a combination of his raw lyrical content and the fact that they identify with his struggles. When Prada performs “Goin Gets Tough,” youth can be seen rapping in unison at the top of their lungs, “When the going gets tough, then the tough gets going. Even though it hurts inside, you won't show it. You won't be the last, cause you weren't the first, just keep telling yourself it could always be worse.” It's performances like this when it's hard to distinguish who's the performer and who's the audience as emotions run high and lines blur.

Prada owns up to his past as much as possible and is the first to “out himself,” in regards to his choices, and various painful consequences that came along with his journey. “It's a cold world therefore I roll alone. My trust is lost, and paranoia's got me holding chrome. Haunted by my past, and how the passion seems to slip away my sorrow's leads. And even stress won't let me miss a day.” At times Prada feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, but writes these types of lyrics as he knows that they are relatable with fans, “26 but s*** I feel like I be 33, refer to me as a hustler to the 3rd degree.” For fans, and for Prada it re-affirms how life's struggles both positive and negative have the ability to force individuals to grow up before they're ready. Painful lyrics and painful performances at times but Prada choses to keep delivering in hopes that the message behind has the impact he's hoping for.

Currently having toured across most of Canada, Prada has performed live over 400 times, and has released almost 2 dozen music videos on You Tube, and various other social media sites, all of which he is dominating at a rapid pace. Prada has been nominated rap/hiphop recording of the year for 2015 with the Vancouver island Music Awards. Prada has opened up for Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), EPMD, ILL BILL of Non Phixion, GZA, Raekwon (Wutang Clan), Dub C (Westside Connection), Bone Thugs and Harmony, Xzibit, Beatnuts, Machine Gun Kelly, Swollen Members, Warren G, Outlawz, Masta Ace, Marco Polo, Trick Trick, Celph Titled, Apathy, Bizarre, and Onyx, just to name a few. His fan base stems throughout all of North America, and most of Europe. His albums include “Lost In Thought,” “The Take Over EP,” “On The Run,” “The Versatile EP,” and “The Lost and Found EP," "The Pitbull," "Dog Treats," and "Down as Ground,". Prada just released another project titled "Clouded Thoughts," released April 10th 2017, and has thus far reached 3rd in the top hiphop albums for Canadian iTunes charts.

Prada West is currently producing his latest album himself at PUSH. Studios, and has entitled it “Clouded Thoughts.” He has opted to collaborate with other artists on two tracks only, and is expecting to released it on April 10 2017. Prada feels that it's time to showcase his versatility and is doing so by writing lyrics that are his most personal yet, tracks that he feels will allow him to finally stand out more as an artist.

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