SAT APR 29, 2017 @ NOCTURNE >> After a long hiatus, we are back from the underground. And we have brought some very special friends with us. Get ready for an experience like no other. Featuring 2 rooms of high caliber sound from some of Toronto's top artists. And welcoming Radioactive Sandwich to share their funky psychedelic sound with us late into the night!   [details below]

After a long hiatus, we are back from the underground. And we have brought some very special friends with us. Get ready for an experience like no other. Featuring 2 rooms of high caliber sound from some of Toronto's top artists. And welcoming Radioactive Sandwich to share their funky psychedelic sound with us late into the night! 

$20 Early Bird Tickets on sale until the end of February.
$25 Advanced (limited)
$30 General Admission

Psychedelic Deco provided by United Torch Productions
Acid Reign Productions will be upgrading the sound system.
Featuring Thai Massage from the people at GANJA YOGA 
And psychedelic clothing booth by ACIDMATH

♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛♛ ♛♛♛♛
👑Radioactive Sandwich👑 USA 
Born out of a hunger to create new and exciting musical flavors, Radioactive Sandwich is a modern day electronic group whose sonic mastery leads to captivating auditory experiences. Two friends, with a passion for music and sandwiches, came together in 2004 and haven’t stopped since. Through years of honing and crafting their skills in the studio, Slice One and Slice Two have become a force of sonic nature within the psychedelic electronic music scene. Utilizing computers, synthesizers, voices, and random sound generating devices, Radioactive Sandwich creates music that is both unique and exciting. Their energy, both in the studio and on the stage, creates a one-of-a-kind experience that tickles the ears, warps the minds, and fills the bellies of all who listen.

Radioactive Sandwich has released six original albums, 1 remix album, and a plethora of singles and EPs. They have also produced remixes for international artists such as Tripswitch, Kelly Sweet, Angelique Kidjo w/Peter Gabriel, Simon Collins w/Phil Collins, Globular, Supersillyus, and many more.

Radioactive Sandwich’s live show is an energetic and psychedelic sonic journey. Using Laptops, controllers, multiFX (built into a custom briefcase), and live vocals, their show is an exciting and captivating event. Radioactive Sandwich has performed at major festivals such as Eclipse Summer Music Festival, Fractalfest, WildWoods Music and Arts, Open Mind Festival, Big Dub Festival, and various clubs and parties up and down the North East of the USA. https:// radioactivesandwich.bandcam

👑Mythrophan👑 Techgnosis Records
Combining an old school style of mixing and a deep understanding of music, Mythrophan delivers a dynamic experience through his DJ sets. Performing since 2008 and now a staple in the Ontario/Quebec psytrance scene, he is known for taking listeners on a harmonically smooth, deep and uplifting journey filled with complex and creative transitions. Mythrophan plays a versatile range of mature progressive psytrance, from offbeat/groovy morning to deep/melodic nighttime. You can also catch him playing minimal/progressive techno, tech-house and full-on psytrance from time to time, or creating his own rhythms as one half of the techno project, MYDÄ.

👑Dreamstate Seven👑 Neuro Collective
If you've partied in alternative scenes in Toronto, Southern Ontario, and Quebec, you've likely heard of Dreamstate Seven. From stomping industrial dancefloors, to psytrance-laden forests, to dark groovy noisy subterranean beats, Dreamstate has brought high-octane full-on psytrance and deep psychedelic chillout to Solstice Gathering, Timeless Festival, Harvest Festival, and more – always bringing unique electronic grooves with a signature emotive and melodic edge, and sometimes taken over by his alternative persona – the memorable glowing Anubis. 

2017 finds him breathing life into a new psychill and downtempo side-project “Rêve Négatif”, on the heels of two soundtrack-esque albums released under the Dreamstate Seven name – with a focus on live performance including hand percussion, dulcimers, and stringed instruments.

His modus operandi has always been to dissolve the labels put on music, calling in reinforcements from any genre, scouring archives and new libraries to keep the masses entertained with other artists’ creations – or his own. 

👑MARSHALL👑 True North Trance
A 25-year-old, up-and-coming DJ/Producer is making his mark in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Spinning the best of Trance, Progressive, and Psytrance, MARSHALL is a name that is quickly gaining a following in the GTA. 

Having found a passion for trance at the young age of 9-years-old, he was predestined to follow the path that many pioneers of trance have paved before him. He has developed a versatile talent for mixing and producing. MARSHALL credits the classical melodies, the driving basslines, and the angelic vocals for empowering him to develop a keen ear and a sophisticated track selection. His love for trance is evident in his sets, as he strives to convey the euphoric feeling that has brought him so much joy throughout his life. 

He has played at some of Toronto’s most intimate trance shows such as Ozmozis presents: Tranced Podcast 100, Trance Sessions at Populus and Upryzing Vol. 3 Frozen in Trance at Ryze. Keep an eye and an ear out for this passionate Toronto trance sensation!

👑Audi Étoffe👑 Acid Reign Productions/Electric Star Productions
Burning up dancefloors and festivals nonstop. Toronto favorite and classic Velvet Underground resident DJ, Audi brings an intense blend of Psy, Acid and Progressive. Audi's high energy mixes are not to be missed. Fresh off of 4 Mixcloud Progressive Psytrance #1 mixes, and voted Toronto's favorite Psy DJ by Psyronto. Audi Étoffe is out to share his love of Psytrance with all of you beautiful freaks.

👑Paul Savage👑 Electric Star Productions
Toronto based Dj / Producer and ESP resident , Plays beats for freaks. A mix of Progressive, Electro and Electrohouse. All blended into a genre that can only be described as true fusion. Stunning hooks, and slammin baselines over phat beats. Savage sets vary from huge extended builds with massive drops to an intensely mixed experience for intimate parties. Always a musical journey. Surprising, Sexy , Eclectic, and FUN. PS sets pull you onto the dance floor and keep you there. 
Soundcloud: paulsavage

👑DJ Davide👑 Electric Star Productions
"Toronto's undisputed Goa Trance master is back, and is once again delving into the mystical realm of the Acid Reign Productons. Using the golden yarns of Mediterranean Progressive, Goa Trance and Nitzhonot he weaves intricate cosmic tales of the ethereal. His pulsating organic rhythms and sidereal melodic echelons create an atmosphere like no other: never ceasing to captivate and inspire his listeners. DJDavideFerrara/"

👑I'm Mortal👑 
Is a DJ project of Nikhil Khedkar who has I'm mortal' is a DJ project of Nikhil Khedkar who has been passionately involved in the underground music scene for more than a decade. He has been contributing to the psytrance scene since his days in Mumbai and Goa, India in the early 2000's. He has been exploring the underground electronic music scene in Canada on the east-coast for the past half decade.
More recently he's performed at Wild Festival 2016, Ontario and Timeless 2016, Quebec and other indoor events in Toronto.

I'm mortal plays a variety of genres ranging from various styles of Techno, Psytrance and Down-tempo. No matter which genre he plays he weaves a tale to tell.
You can explore his sets here. nickhil/
Spread Love, Spread Music.

Tickets available via Paypal or Email Money Transfer (The name on the card or account will be added to guest list) or in person. AcidRP/25
Message us for EMT address 
Queen and Bathurst 
www.acidreignproductions.c om

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