FRI APR 21, 2017 @ NOCTURNE >> Purple Temple of Light has been picking up steam, and i heard there wasn’t going to be an HHC family reunion for us this year in the spring time, so here’s our spin on it;  [details below]


Purple Temple of Light has been picking up steam, and i heard there wasn’t going to be an HHC family reunion for us this year in the spring time, so here’s our spin on it;

The past few years have been hard, and i’ve seen this one has started out great for everyone. PTL is about using a loving dancey space to heal and grow, and move forward with life. over the past few years since i moved to toronto, all i have been is inspired. and i want to share that with you, my family.

Group Hug 4 Life is to bring us all together. there once was a party whose purpose was keeping Toronto’s HHC family alive. and in the same light, i haven’t had enough HHC this past year. so let’s give it a go. 

This one is to all those that should be beside us at this party. 

With love, 

We miss you. ♥

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Hard and Happy Room::

High Voltage ~~ Toronto, CA ~~ Destiny Fridays, Dark Rave, Velvet Underground
Edutainer. Psychic DJ. Bastard Son of Rave.
High Voltage has been moving feet and melting minds since 1992. He is Toronto's leading representative for the mashup scene and refers to his personal style as "Electromash.”
High Voltage keeps a keen eye on trends in underground music, and believes the future of music lies in fusions and hybrids. He has performed locally at Fly, Toika, Bassline, Nocturne, Round, The Reverb, Funhaus, Andy Poolhall and Velvet Underground. HighVoltage/

DJ Cotts!! ~~ Canberra, AUS ~~
In early 2002, Cotts became addicted to the sounds of what we now know as UK Hardcore. Hooked on driving beats, euphoric melodies and a genre which reinvents its sound every few years whatís not to love? Dedicated to this sound, Cotts is entering his eighth year on, has released three hugely successful Hardcore Addiction albums and plays regularly at raves around the world.
In late 2006, Cotts joined YouTube in its infancy hoping to bring the sound of UK Hardcore to the masses. He gained worldwide attention, quickly becoming one of the first YouTube partners and introducing thousands to UK Hardcore and the art of Djing. In 2010 he set off on his first international tour across the USA rocking Miami, Dallas, Nashville, Boston and Seattle. Now 12 million views later, rocking festivals such as Defqon 1, a partnership with Pioneer DJ and numerous productions under his belt, Cotts continues to push his love of UK Hardcore around the world. djcotts user/DjCotts

DJ Entity! ~~ London, UK ~~ Hardcore Underground, NightKandi
Entity has been producing and spinning hardcore in various styles for over a decade.
His productions have garnered critical acclaim, and have featured across a wide range of albums and labels, namely Hardcore Underground, CLSM, Kaotik, NuEnergy, Ministry of Sound and more.
His album mixes have also been regarded as some of the most celebrated in hardcore, either on his own, or alongside such legendary artists such as CLSM, and the "Godfather of hardcore", DJ Slipmatt. 
Entity has always believed in diversity, and continues to push the sounds of up-and-comers alongside larger, established names, and this shows in his sets, be it across the UK or overseas. 
From breakbeat to beyond, Entity receives support from the likes of Radio 1, as well as household names across the globe.
http:// uk/store/view/ entity-material-2xcd

MrPanda ~~ Texas, USA ~~ StrangeLuv Productions, The Lost Art, Badwolf Entertainment
MrPanda brings an intense vibe & eclectic track selection. Known for throwing down 20-30 tracks an hour on 3 decks, he’s garnered a reputation for lightning fast multi genre mixing of hardcore, dnb, & electro hardcore with high energy beats and bone crunching technical delivery. MrPanda has a knack for being “in tune” with those on the dance floor, consistently pushing them to their limits. With no two sets ever being the same, he is not a Dj to miss.

DJ Dynamic B2B Velociraver ~~ Toronto, CA ~~ Nocturnal Commissions
This Toronto duo has been bringing the good, bad and the hardest of dance sounds to toronto for year, and we are excited to welcome this pair of sound shaman to our booth. 
Also, since we couldn't come to a conclusive bio between them, i thought i’d share a story. When I first moved to town I met this friend. We’d smoke weed together and go for drives, he got me more into happy hardcore and drum and bass and parties, and it was a good time. One day we were in the village going to some bar, and listening to a mix CD my friend got at a party. This funny looking guy in a tie dye shirt is crossing the street and we see him rocking out, and we walks up to the standing car and asks us who the mix is by, and we respond with “Velociraver!”. That's the first time i met DJ dynamic and got my first Velociraver experience. 6 months later, I was throwing parties with them both, and it was fucking magical! Here's to the magic keeping on. ♥ dynamicuno velociraver

Saiyan ~~ Toronto, CA ~~ Kniteforce/KFA, Canadian Hardcore Collective 
I love Dj Saiyan, with his residency at Well Known Wednesdays, and all his wickedly placed gigs in Toronto, but i had a full lineup. And then 2 room venues happened, and we have him on the list! woopwoop! let’s get happy! ;) djsaiyan2 djsaiyan Saiyan_CHC djsaiyan thedjsaiyan

Breaks and ‘Tings::

16 Armed Jack ~~ Toronto, CA ~~ Sound So Fierce
I can't say anything about 16 Armed jack but that you guys are gonna be peeing your pants from Amens So Hard. He has 28 Vinyl releases, and is bringing us a 100% all original OG Jungle set. sound-so-fierce-records

Mike Lethal ~~ Toronto, CA
Our big timer from The Guv, Mike Lethal. I told him to play whatever he wants. lets see what he has in store;) mikeleithal

Johnny AK ~~ Toronto, CA
Johnny AK, the Founder of Psychic Vibrations, and a long time member of the Dubslingers, has been DJing for well over a decade and making a serious impact. He plays a wide variety of music but drum and bass is his weapon of choice, and perhaps what he is known best for. He has shared the stage with drum and bass legends like Matrix, and Spirit, as well as downtempo acts like The New Law and can be found in small underground venues as well as large music festivals. When Johnny's on the decks you can rest assured you'll get pure energy and the very finest selection of underground bass music, not the type of selection you hear at every mainstream event...

Locked ~~ Toronto, CA ~~ VIP DUBZ, Endore Recordings
As he says himself, “been making music for 20 years. jump up and hardcore is where it is at.” i remember meeting Locked on the streetcar on my way to my first TRR, and being a yungun in toronto, I’d heard of him and seen him around, but, HE TALKED TO ME! *omg#fangirl&faints** and then he played! I didn’t have a clue who he was except for Tony. but Locked? Whoa. Big up Locked! anthony-olivero-152612446

L & Elle ~~ Toronto, CA ~~ Electric Star Productions - ESP, Hush FM
Dj L has been around the rave circuit since 2004, and he only keeps getting better. Starting on a streetfind turntable and the radio, he continues to prove his skills in any genre he touches. 
Elle Nocturnal’s enthusiasm is front and center, and it shows. I remember her coming over with a ripped retina to borrow cdjs a few years ago, and she continues to push the limit with her banging basslines and smooth melodies. 
Toronto's Superstar Duo Bringing us their classic mix of all that rolly techy good stuff we like. dakotalocke96/ elleski01

Skank Honto ~~ Toronto 
As a DJ focusing on the funkier brokenbeat sounds across a variety of tempos, Skank Honto controls the dancefloor with ass-wiggling basslines and head bobbing grooves with the programming skills for any timeslot or atmosphere.
Whether you find him in a small lounge or a peak hour nightclub, you'll need your dancing shoes as Skank Honto delivers the sound that makes you get down.
http:// /

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First 100 peeps in get a free whistle to keep that vibe high! ;3

550 Queen st. W, Toronto

Limited 20$ Advanced Tix,
More at the door! 

Get your tickets from:
Zia Plurr - North York and Kensington
Audi Étoffe - East York and Downtown
Lauren Gabrielle - Westish
Dakota Locke - North York and Downtown

ROAR :* ♥

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